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Wire Preparation
Wire Preparation FLEX-TEC

At Flex-Tec, Inc. we're your high volume quality solution. Flex-Tec’s high volume OEM wire assembly production process insure verifiable quality whether 10,000 assemblies per lot run or 10,000 a week.

We have the ability to:

Cut wires

"Slug" wires

Twist wires

Tin wires

Terminate wires

Flex-Tec is able to provide these services at either one or both ends of single core cable. We also offer the ability to terminate both chain type and pre- or fully insulated terminals. Your wire sub assemblies can be joined together either with connectors or sheathed. 

Some of our other capabilities include:

Manufacturing electrical assemblies

Manufacturing all types of wiring harnesses
(incorporating many into electronic devices)

Producing many different switches for the automotive industry

Rechargeable battery packs for consumer use

Soldering printed circuit boards in high volumes at low costs


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Wire Preparation


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