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Electro-Mechanical Assembly FLEX-TEC

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies are housings which enclose internal fixturing of motors, gears and wiring to provide a sub assembly. This assembly is used to produce a mechanical action after electricity activate it.

Our Electro-Mechanical Assembly of small parts is accomplished using:

Conveyor systems

Indexing tables

Precise production flows

These are used in order to yield high volumes in short periods of time.

To aid in our Electro-Mechanical Assemblies production processes, we utilize a full compliment of high output assembly equipment to include:

Resistant spot welders

Conic welders

Coil winders

Automatic lead trimmers

Automated wire cutting, stripping and terminating equipment

We tailor our production needs, utilizing the most efficient assembly methods available.


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Electro-Mechanical Assembly
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