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Wire Preparation

Engineering Expertise, Materials Management, Teamwork and Quality Commitment All Combine to Provide Responsive, Flexible Solutions to Contract Manufacturing.

Flex-Tec The Wiring Source -- Wire Preparation, Wire Harness Assembly, Metal Stamping & Froming, Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We have a full range of equipment capability for electrical wire preparation and harness assembly, metal stamping, forming and screen printing. We're fully capable of producing consistently high quality products form simple to complex designs and from low to high volume production.
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We can cut, "slug," twist, tin, and terminate at either one or both ends of single core cable. We offer the ability to terminate both chain type and or pre- or fully insulated terminals.More Info On Wire Preparation
We manufacture all types of wiring harnesses; incorporating many into electronic devices; and also have the capability of soldering printed circuit boards in high volumes at low costs. Our high volume OEM production processes insure verifiable quality whether 10,000 assemblies per lot run or 10,000 a week. More Info On Wire Preparation
Our high-speed presses and trained technicians are at your service for your metal stamping and metal forming needs. We can offer precision metal stampings of any shape from virtually any alloy including copper alloys, aluminum, steel, stainless, and titanium.More Info On Metal Stamping & Forming
We can save you valuable employee time by providing fast turnaround and on-time delivery of your Mechanical Assembly needs. We offer a selection of various levels of assembly, from the most basic to the complex. In addition, we work with small and large volumes, including the highest level of quality control and component class.More Info On Custom Manufacturing
The growing complexity of electrical products demands a versatile, creative and efficient environment for manufacture of both competitive and superior products. Flex-Tec's team-oriented staff exceeds those demands and provides a wealth of expertise, creativity, can-do spirit and drive to satisfy our customer's expectations.More Info On Electro-Mechanical Assembly
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